CIT Application

    • CIT session hours are 8:00am-4:00pm, Monday through Friday.
    • You will be contacted by May 4, 2018 to schedule an interview. Interviews will be scheduled the week of May 7, 2018.
    • Mandatory Training will be the week of May 21st, from 5pm-9pm.
    • There will be a maximum of 12 CITs for the entirety of camp (up to 12 weeks).
    • Once chosen as a CIT, you will be able to register for your weeks beginning May 14th, you may register for any and all weeks.
    • Each week will be $60 a week ($15 deposit at time of registration).
    • Overnighter and optional field trips will require separate registration and additional fee.

    Please take a few moments of your time and answer the following questions.


    Relationship with Camp and Community
    • I will, in dealing with people, be impartial and just - always looking toward the good of others.
    • I will maintain an attitude of respect and cooperation in dealing with campers & staff.
    • I will cheerfully observe all rules of the camp, thereby encouraging others to do the same. My own standard of conduct will be higher than that expected by the camp.
    • I will not permit my participation in the CIT program to be used for selfish reasons of any kind.
    • I will consider it my duty and privilege to help improve my camp and community.
    • I will strive to do my best in all areas of the CIT program.

    Responsibility to the CIT Program
    • I will respect the privilege of being a member of the CIT program.
    • I will perform my responsibilities efficiently through knowledge of program requirements and through contact with staff and directors.
    • I will reflect the good influence of the YMCA and the CIT program through my own words and actions.
    • I will always let my criticism of the program be constructive, not destructive.

    Responsibility to Other Members
    • I will avoid unfavorable criticism of other members of the CIT program and I will show respect when offering constructive criticism.
    • I will always report to my director any matters that involve the best interests of the group.
    • I will always show respect and appreciation to my fellow group members and staff.

    Responsibility to Myself
    • I will take pride in who I am and what I stand for in being a member of the CIT program.
    • I will strive to maintain high standards in my thoughts, words, and actions.