Program Overview:

Requirements: Must have completed 8th, 9th or 10th grade.
(Beginning in 2019, only 9th & 10th graders can apply for the CIT program.)

Program Description: Counselors-in-Training (CIT) typically want to apply for a job at camp in the next summer (or two) as a Junior Counselor. CITs exhibit strong character, life skills, and leadership qualities. They will learn more specific skills for working with kids and co-workers, and more experience planning and leading activities. This program is filled with challenges that build their skills, confidence, and capacity for working with people of all ages. CITs are integrated into the camp program for the summer and will help plan our Friday morning activities. They will work with a different age group throughout the summer, be mentored by the Head Counselor for that group, lead activities, and have a chance to learn from all staff. CITs will continue to push themselves as they gain confidence, independence, leadership, and a positive outlook. CITs will demonstrate their passion and desire to better themselves, their community, and their world in their respect and value for the four core values of the YMCA and its mission statement. CITs will be supervised by the Program Director and will meet weekly to plan Friday morning activities, reflect on their experiences, and will discuss their progression towards readiness of becoming a future counselor.

Please fill out the application below and submit to Karen Guise, Senior Program Director, at, by April 14th.  You will be contacted for an interview in the beginning of May.

CITs that are selected for the Summer, will need to register for all of the weeks they will be attending the camp, registration will be open beginning May 14th.

CIT 2018 Application (printable)

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