Healthy Living Opportunities

Wellness Center Orientation Free to members!
Recommended for members who want to learn proper use of the machines in the Wellness Center. Appropriate adjustments including seat height and weight settings are covered in this 45 minute session taught by a Wellness Center Healthy Lifestyles Coach. Please schedule an appointment at the Wellness Center Desk.

Personal Training
Do you need help reaching your health goals? Personal Training is by appointment for YMCA Members only. It is designed to allow a trainer and member to work together in developing an individualized exercise program.

Personal Training Brochure 2017

Personal Training Fees:
• 1 hour: $55 • 45 minutes: $41.25 • 30 minutes: $27.50
• 1 hr small group – $35/per person (consists of 2 people & 1 trainer)

Personal Training Package Options:

1 hour sessions 45 minute sessions 30 minute sessions
4 sessions – $208
(save $12)
4 sessions – $156
(save $9)
4 sessions – $104
(save $6)
8 sessions – $408
(save $32)
8 sessions – $305
(save $25)
8 sessions – $202
(save $18)
12 sessions – $600
(save $60)
12 Sessions – $450
(save $45)
12 sessions – $300
(save $30)

Request a Personal Training Consultation online!

Personal Trainer Bios

Fitness Assessment
(Included with Personal Training Package (one/yr) or $20/assessment)
Fitness Assessments will identify your strengths and weaknesses helping you determine what areas of fitness need to be your focus. Assessments are led by a Personal Trainer and consist of resting heart rate, blood pressure, BMI, body composition test or circumference measurements, hamstring and lower back flexibility, abdominal and upper body muscular endurance, and a cardiovascular fitness assessment. To schedule an appointment, complete the Fitness Assessment Packet and turn in to the Wellness Center Desk.

Youth Wellness Center Orientation Free to members!
Wellness Center Youth Orientation is required for youth members between the ages of 11-15 prior to using the Fitness Center. Please inquire at the Wellness Center Desk for equipment age restrictions and to schedule an appointment.

Small Group Training Programs – classes/details available on the Adult Programs page!

Questions? Please contact Kathy Hensler, Healthy Living Director at 724.452.9122 x226 or