Swim Lesson FAQs

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General Information:
The purpose of the YMCA Swim Lesson Program is to develop competency in swimming, along with confidence and endurance. A child is advanced to the next level only when he or she can proficiently and safely perform the skills within his or her current level.

We expect children to learn and progress at their own rate. Therefore, do not be discouraged if your child does not complete all the skills within a level during one session. Your child needs to know that it is acceptable to take as much time as necessary to master all the skills.

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Swim Lessons Components:
There are 5 components of the YMCA Swim Lesson Program:

Personal Safety – Rules and Safety Tips, Floating, Treading, Use of PFDs (Personal Flotation Device), Boating Safety, Health and Safety

Personal Growth – Character Development, Personal Growth Opportunities

Stroke Development – Major Swimming Strokes

Water Games and Sports – Synchronized Swimming, Water Polo, Competitive Swimming

Rescue – Recognizing Emergencies, Getting Help, Non-swimming Rescues, First Aid

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Class Make-Up Policy:
There will be no make-up classes due to attendance.

If class is cancelled due to inclement weather or other unforseen circumstances, classes may be made up only if there is a bi-week between cycles.

For cancelled classes, participants will be notified by an Aquatics staff member.

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Health and Safety:
To ensure a rewarding experience for your child, please notify the Aquatic Coordinator if your child has any Special Needs.

Please do not bring your child to swim lessons if they are ill, vomiting, or have diarrhea. This includes children with infectious diseases, strep, chicken pox, pink eye, open sores, wounds, fever, rashes or any other contagious illness.

Please call the Aquatic Coordinator at 724-452-9122 x218 to make staff aware of your absence.

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Observation Area:
We ask that all parents sit outside in the lobby for observation. This will assist in limiting distractions for the children and will help build confidence and a relationship with the instructor. There are chairs and tables for your convenience.

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Safety Week:
Parents are invited the last week of lessons! We will run circuits such as reach and rescue, boating safety, identifying distressed swimmers, calling for help and rescue breathing.

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Additional Information:
All report cards indicate progress: C-Complete or D-Developing; they do not indicate pass or fail. If you have questions about whether your child has progressed to the next level, you will want to look for all C’s (completed) in the skill check off area. If you are still unsure, please feel free to ask your instructor during the last week!

Please arrive 10 minutes early for the first day. Come through the locker room to the pool deck. There will be a deck supervisor to check your child in for attendance verification.

If someone other than the parent/guardian who dropped off the child will be picking them up, the parent/guardian must provide a written note to the deck supervisor stating this is okay. Otherwise the child will not be released.

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