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Find the answers to our most frequently asked questions about summer camp.

Costs, Discounts, & Registration


$50 weekly non-refundable deposit due at registration

*no sibling discount

Yes! We work hard to ensure that no child is turned away from camp for financial reasons. To fill out application, click here!

The deposit is due at the time of registration and the remaining balance is scheduled on the Monday of each week attending. If you need a payment schedule set up, please contact Ashley Vranick, Youth & Family Director at

You may cancel registration the Monday before starting the following week of camp. Deposits are non-refundable.

Registration is available in-house and online (click here).

Camp Activities, Schedules, and Food

Drop-Off: 7:00AM-8:30AM  |  Pick-Up: 4:30PM-6:00PM


Camp will be held at the Rose E. Schneider Family YMCA. Children should be dropped off and picked up each day at the YMCA pavilion at their designated time. Children must be signed in and out of camp each day. At pick-up, parents/guardians will pull up to the pavilion, have their ID checked and their camper will be called for dismissal.


Children will be only be released to those listed on the Child Pick Up Authorization Form, or with written permission from the parent.

Anyone picking up their child after 6:00PM will be charged a $10.00 late fee. If there is an emergency or you know that you will be late please call the YMCA at 724-452-9122 to let staff know.

Children will be only be released to those listed on the Youth Pick Up Authorization Form, or with written permission from the parent.

We are commited to engaging in promoting team building, friendship skills, games and creative activities.

There will be no field trips this summer. However, we are excited to bring entertainment on-site! (Petting Zoo, etc.)

Yes! Our camp's focus is on social-emotional learning support and friendship skills. What does that mean? Our camp is designed to encourage character development and promote friendship building. Feeling like you belong is crucial to the success of youth and is a high focus throughout our daily lessons. 

We know that the pool is one of the best places for youth to make friends and developconfidence around water, so we will be swimming every day! We will be following the YMCA's Safety Around Water Program to help youth learn essential water safety skills. For more information about water safety at camp, click here.

Campers will learn social-emotional strategies, many new games and activities, and ways to connect to the world outside of technology.

You must provide a breakfast (if needed), packed lunch, water, and snacks for your child.

  • backpack
  • tennis shoes
  • sunscreen
  • water
  • packed lunch
  • swimsuit
  • towel
  • breakfast (if needed)
  • snacks
  • extra pair of clothes

A lunch should be sent daily in a bag or insulate lunch cooler marked with your child’s name. We do not have the ability to refrigerate or heat up lunch items. Don't forget to pack utensils, too!

Staff and Safety

For your protection, only persons authorized in writing by the parents on the Authorized Release Form may pick up your child with valid identification. Staff will question anyone who is unfamiliar to them and ask for identification to check their authorization. Anyone without proper authorization will be stopped from taking the child. In an emergency, or if we do not have prior written consent, you will be contacted by a Summer Camp Staff to authorize a verbal release.

Yes your child must bring sunscreen. We recommend wearing sunscreen to camp every morning. Campers will be encouraged and monitored by staff to re-apply sunscreen a minimum of two times during our camp day. We encourage the use of hats or other sun protective gear. Counselors are not permitted to apply sunscreen to campers.

The Y recruits mature and capable staff to work in our programs. We count on each of them to be a role model to our campers and to teach campers the Y’s core values—respect, responsibility, honesty and caring.

All camp staff members are carefully screened and selected based on:

  • Experience, skills, and abilities
  • Certifications and education
  • Character
  • Enthusiasm
  • Love of working with children

All Day Camp staff members attend a mandatory and comprehensive pre-camp training program.

Most of our Day Camp staff work for the Y year-round in our Youth & Family Department.

Camp staff is there to serve the children and their families. Families are encouraged to share as much information as possible about the child to make the child’s time in the Day Camp as pleasant as possible.

Medications must be in the original prescribed container with the child’s name and dosage. Parents will fill out a medication form that will remain with the child’s counselor. Epi-Pens and Inhalers will be able to stay with the child’s counselor in the grades’ camp backpack in a labeled baggy. Other medications that need to be given during camp hours may be stored in the Youth and Family Director’s office and be given at the prescribed time. All medication given will be signed off with dosage amount and time given with staff initials.

We're so glad to hear that. You can make a difference in a child's life, make new friends, and create lifelong memories while working at the Y!

We are hiring counselors for the upcoming 2021 camp season! To apply, visit our employment page. 


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