Camper in Leadership Training

The Camper in Leadership Training program is designed to teach and inspire teens 13-16 years old. Teens gain leadership experience and serve as active role models for younger campers. 

The Camper in Leadership Training program is a volunteer opportunity for teens that are looking to serve and lead. They will be given the chance to shadow counselors and learn from them as their mentors and guides. These teens will have the opportunity for hands-on experience to learn how to work with children and see the role of a counselor. This experience is a great way for teens to give back to their community and gain experience for their first job, while enjoying the fun and adventure of camp!

Become a Camper in Leadership Training

Ages: 13-16 years old
Times: Program runs 9:00AM-4:00PM; drop off between 7:00AM-9:00AM and pick up between 4:00PM-6:00PM.
This is a weekly program throughout the summer. We have 11 weeks to choose from! All volunteers will receive documentation of completed volunteer hours at the end of the program.

Camper In Training Program Volunteer Interest Form

Email Address

Select the weeks you would like to volunteer:

#1 June 7-11, 2021 (Heroes)
#2 June 14-18, 2021 (Around The World)
#3 June 21-25, 2021 (Be the Kind Kid)
#4 June 28-July 2, 2021 (Color Me Crazy)
#5 July 5-9, 2021 (Animal Planet)
#6 July 12-15, 2021 (Under The Sea)
#7 July 19-23, 2021 (Christmas in July)
#8 July 26-30, 2021 (Pennsylvania Adventures)
#9 August 2-6, 2021 (The Ultimate Challenge)
#10 August 9-13, 2021 (Disney)
#11 August 16-20, 2021 (Nature Unleashed)

Once you have completed and submitted this form, the Youth & Family Director will reach out about the next steps to become a volunteer in the Camper in Training program.

Need more information? Contact Ashley Vranick, Youth & Family Director: avranick@bcfymca.org724-452-9122 x217

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