School Age Community Care

We are offering full day and half day child care for youth in grades Kindergarten-8th, Monday–Friday, 7:00AM-6:00PM!

We understand that families are facing new challenges of balancing parents’ work schedules with their children’s school schedules. That is why we are stepping up to support our community, families, and businesses to help those in need.

In our School Age Community Care program, youth will:
  • Work on completing assignments and participating in structured gym & swim activities during non-learning portions daily.
  • Be responsible for bringing their school work (including their own e-learning capable device) as well as their own lunch, snacks, and beverages (breakfast is optional).
  • Pack a swim suit, towel, and tennis shoes daily, and must be able to use the restroom independently.


We have spent the summer implementing protocols in accordance with state guidelines and will be continuing them moving forward. To learn more, view our Health & Well-Being Procedures.

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Costs, Discounts, & Registration

Full Day: 1 day per week: $40 | 3 days per week: $110
Half Day: $25 per day (available 7:00AM-1:00PM or 12PM-6PM)

*no sibling discount; $25 cancellation fee will apply once registration is complete.

Yes! We work hard to ensure that no child is turned away from care for financial reasons. To fill out application, click here!

The total payment is due at the time of registration. There will be a $25 cancellation fee applied once registration is complete.

To cancel out of a week, you must contact Ashley Vranick, Youth & Family Director ( the Monday prior to the week attending to receive a partial refund. A $25 cancellation fee will apply.

Yes! You can choose a full day or half day and come one day a week or multiple days. There is a discount for 3 days or more a week. A full week of half day is $125 and a full week of full day is $190/

You may start the registration process by completeing the registration form here. After receiving the form, Ashley Vranick, Youth & Family Director will email the primary parent/guardian listed to continue the registration process. At this point, the parent/guardian will request the type of care (full day/half day) and days needed, etc.

Day-to-Day Information

Drop off and Pick up will be moving to inside. Enter through the doors on the side by the BHS doctor offices and drop off/pick up outside of the Community Room. Then exit through the lobby doors. This way we keep traffic moving in the same direction. Remember you must bring ID with you when you pick up.

While social distancing may play a factor in the activities we can offer, we are still committed to engaging in promoting team building, friendship skills, games and creative activities. Youth will be in smaller groups of 10 to minimize intermixing of youth and staff.

  • We will have scheduled time each morning to work on school assignments with staff guidance.
  • Youth will participate daily in structured gym & swim activities.

Yes, we will be swimming each day - we take safety around the water seriously. For more information about water safety, click here.

To ensure we are following healthy and safety standards, we will not be providing any food. You must provide a breakfast (if needed), packed lunch, water, and snacks for your child.

(updated 09/18/2020)

  1. Every child must have their swim stuff in a separate bag outside of their book bag with their name on it. We don't want their wet swim stuff to get their learning stuff wet. 
  2. Learning Devices- if your child is starting virtual learning next week they can bring it on the days that they have assignments. If your child doesn't have any school work assigned please do not send in the device. Your child must bring ear buds or head phones.

    Book bags with learning devices and school supplies will stay in our Conference Room when not in use, so they are kept safe. The kids will keep their water bottles and lunch bags with them as they travel for activities. Never know when we need a snack!
  3. A book to read- we will be reading 20-30 minutes a day to get their reading in which is usually a homework assignment for most grades. For those that can't read yet, they can still bring in a picture book or something they will find interesting. We will make sure that our learn-to-readers are included and will be having time to read to them as well. We have lots of books here if you forget, but if there is one your child is excited about that is best.
  4. Pencil bag with pencils, erasers, colored pencils, highlighter, etc.  Send in anything your child may want or need to complete their virtual learning assignments. We will have supplies here, but if there is a supply that you know your child may need and we may be missing please send it in.
  5. Tennis shoes- we will have gym and outside time each day.
  6. A folder- Please put all our your child's login information for their school in there. Include email address/password, google classrooms, echo, epic, etc. If there is a login that your child may need, please write it down so we can help them if they forget. ?

No; at this time there there isn't transportation to or from the program.

Staff and Safety

Medications must be in the original prescribed container with the child’s name and dosage. Parents will fill out a medication form that will remain with the child’s counselor. Epi-Pens and Inhalers will be able to stay with the child’s counselor in the grades’ camp backpack in a labeled baggy. Other medications that need to be given during camp hours may be stored in the Youth and Family Director’s office and be given at the prescribed time. All medication given will be signed off with dosage amount and time given with staff initials.


Ashley Vranick, Youth & Family Director: avranick@bcfymca.org724-452-9122 x217

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